Dolpo Region

Duration: 26
Altitude: 4960M
Best Season: Spring/Autumn
Difficulty: Moderate - Hard
Upper Dolpo Trek

Trekking to Upper Dolpo lets you explore remote areas and peek into lives of people living in that isolated world.

Duration: 13 Days
Altitude: 3612M
Best Season: Spring/ Autum
Difficulty: Easy
Shey Phoksundo Trek

Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek lies in Dolpo, the largest territorial district in Nepal. Dolpo is the local name for the region; Dolpa is the government spelling. It is certainly a beautiful and sp

Duration: 18
Altitude: 4510M
Best Season: Spring/Autumn
Difficulty: Moderate - Hard
Lower Dolpo Trek

Lower Dolpo Trek is packed with amazing gifts of nature, including Shey Phoksundo Lake and also boasts of the pre-Buddhism Bon Po culture.

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